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Spirit of the Horse

January 29, 2014

Horse Picture

Those that are horse lovers will agree there is something ethereal about the Spirit of the Horse.  We are moved by their grace, beauty, power and gentleness.  Throughout history humans have valued the horse for its ability to be utilitarian, yet prove to be a priceless companion animal.  In this day and age, most people think of cats and dogs as companion animals, but a growing number of people have come to realize that the horse provides companionship as well.

Research has proven that the horse also provides therapeutic value to humans as well.  It behooves us to consider the afterlife care of the horse.  They live the longest of most of our companion animals; however, they pose the largest challenge when last days arrive due to their size and weight.

Rolling Acres Memorial Gardens offers horse owners in Missouri, Kansas and surrounding states a wonderful option and ability to choose dignified “whole-horse” cremation services for families with equine companions.  Rolling Acres is equipped to provide comfort and the promise of compassionate, dignified and ethical afterlife care for your beloved equine companion.

Please refer to the website page regarding details.


You “CAN” Help Animals In Need

January 17, 2014

I Can – You Can – We All Can – CAN Collection Drive

Cans Help Animals In Need

One of our very beneficial community service projects is saving aluminum beverage cans to recycle by selling them to help raise money for our local animal rescue groups. We admire the rescue groups for all they do for the animals.  It takes a lot of dedication and passion to do what they do.  This is one way we can help them monetarily.

Please bring your aluminum drink cans to us. We will take them to recycle and donate the money to a different rescue group in turn. It doesn’t matter how many you bring – even one will do – they all add up to help! We also have a Donation Jar for the current rescue group in our lobby.  Rolling Acres raised $4064.00 from the sale of cans from Memorial Day 2007 through December 2013, with the help of our friends, families, and clients. This money was donated to No More Homeless Pets KC (now Great Plains SPCA), Friends of the Parkville Animal Shelter and Chain of Hope.  Our recipient for the 2014 year will be The Kitty Kat Connection. People are constantly bringing us cans, even leaving bags of cans outside our front door when we’re closed! We love it! Thanks for helping us help people help pets.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

January 11, 2014

Donating Items to those in need – The Gift That Keeps on Giving –

A very Happy New Year wish from all of us at Rolling Acres Memorial Gardens. Our New Year’s wish for you is a year filled with wonderful memories and special moments with those you love. We are reminded of those less fortunate during these cold winter days and realize how fortunate we are to have the basic necessities of life readily available to us. There are many folks who have had situations occur in their lives through no fault of their own, that have caused them to loose a job, home, automobile or loved ones. There are many people alone and with no resources that are depending on the goodness of others to help them through a rough time.

This is where organizations like the City Union Mission, Uplift Organization, Salvation Army and others come to the rescue.

We are fortunate to have a partnership with Uplift Organization where we are able to help provide much needed food for the pets of those less fortunate than many of us.

Folks who have lost their homes often have pets. It is our hope that these pets can stay with their owners as they often provide comfort and companionship to the homeless. Rolling Acres Memorial Gardens for Pets is seeking donations of pet food, toys, leashes, collars, blankets, and pet beds.

You can help. Has your pet outgrown a collar or leash? Has his diet changed and you have an open bag of pet food you won’t use? Or one your pet doesn’t like? Tape up the open bag of pet food and bring it to Rolling Acres. Your donations will be distributed to the homeless in the community.

In September 2001, Rolling Acres Memorial Gardens for Pets started soliciting contributions for homeless people’s pets, either pet food or money for pet food. Some of their concerns are food for their pets, veterinary care, and the afterlife care of their pets – the same as ours!

Other items that could be donated include: blankets, towels, or clothing for humans as well as pet food. If you have anything to donate, just bring it to us, and we’ll deliver it for you. In 2013, with the generous and overwhelming assistance of the community, Rolling Acres Memorial Gardens for Pets provided 6,112 pounds of dry pet food, 391 cans of canned pet food, cat and dog treats, as well as pet beds, pet carriers, toys, collars, leashes, pet brushes, and combs to Homeless Peoples’ Pets.

The need for this support has been increasing. Rolling Acres thanks the public for their help in this year-round project. Uplift Organization is the primary benefactor of the pet food and supplies. We also supply the Red Cross with pet food.Uplift Organization